TALES: A Framework for Developing DaTA-QuaLity-AwarenESs Web Portals

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ALARCOS QUALITY CENTER kicked off the project TALES, a methodological and instrumental framework for developing data-quality-awareness web portals.

Project Justification

The fast growth of the Web has made it possible for many data to be available on the Internet so that users can access them anytime. To manage data and make them easily accessible via Web, organizations have created many types of software applications. Among these types of applications, Web portals are achieving great acceptance. Thus, many organizations have established Web sites to supplement, replace or expand its services to current and potential customers. In addition, Web portals allow the creation of a work environment and / or suitable business, where users can easily navigate to find quickly specific information needed for the performance of their tasks. In short, we can say that Web portals have become part of the corporate image of organizations and are an indispensable tool for everyday work.

Among the various factors that determine the quality of a Web portal, one of the most important is the quality of the data that it provides. Addressing the issue of data quality in a Web Portal is not trivial, since almost any of the resources in a Web page: text, links, images, etc., can be considered as a given, and each one has an associated measure of quality. It is said that data are quality data if they serve the purpose they are intended in the context of a user that plays a determined role using those data. This definition of data quality based on fitness for use (Juran, 1988) is more general than the common perception that data are quality data if they have no defects (there is a market in which applications are marketed to fix or clean the data). But this generality in the definition entails two important implications that will introduce many complexities in the treatment of data quality: one is multi-dimensional perception of the data quality (it is necessary to assess the data quality using different criteria -known as data quality dimensions-), and the other is that it is necessary to take into account the subjective nature of data quality (each user can have a different view of when data is quality data), because some actions can not be applied to all types of users.

Spanish companies, as shown in the report by IDC on Data Quality in Spanish companies (IDC, 2009) and presented on 25 June 2009 in Madrid, consider data quality as a determining factor for the success of their business. It has led to many of them (58% of the 27 companies surveyed) to implement data quality solutions oriented to the cleansing of organizational data: that is, to eliminate defects in the data that has already been entered and stored in the organization, and normally has not passed any filtering or validation.

Therefore, for a company like AQC (which can provide consultancy services in Engineering and Software Development) the availability of a framework for integrating aspects of data quality management in the development of Web Portals is a distinguishing element over other companies in a niche market that is emerging and that, as predicted by Oracle, will be hold in the coming years.

Project Description

The main goal of the project "TALES: A Framework for Developing DaTA-QuaLity-AwarenESs Web Portals” is creating an environment for the development of Web applications that are aware of data quality management aspects. This environment consists of two elements:

  • A methodological component (developed together with researchers of the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) that consists of a methodology for the analysis, design and implementation of data quality management aspects.
  • A technological component, with a tool that guides the usage of the methodology and gives the support needed for the development and implementation of data quality requirements together with the functional requirements of the application.

The advances that come from the project TALEs can be classified into:

Scientific advances

  • Development of a methodology for managing data quality requirements from different points of view.
  • Definition of a guide for the identification of sensible data quality requirements for different functionalities in a Web Portal.
  • Definition, integration and acceptance of data quality measures on the different components of a Web Portal.

Technical advances

  • Definition of a data quality management profile that allows the representation of data quality requirements during the development process of a Web Portal.
  • Implementation of a tool that supports the defined methodology.

Project Participants

This project is being developed by the company Alarcos Quality Center along with the "Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha":

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The project TALES is part of the program HITO (Haciendo Investigación Tecnológica Orientada) Exp: HITO-2009-14, supported by the Department of Education and Science of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha and co-funded by the FEDER (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional).


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